Tips for Choosing Kids Shoes


Buying shoes for kids can be a real balancing act for most parents. Kids grow very fast, meaning you’ll have to spend money on new shoes every now and then. Aside from dipping your fingers into your pocket more often, there are other important considerations that you should have in mind before choosing a pair of shoes for children. The article below highlights some of the things to ponder about.

Fitting shoes

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing boys closed toe sandals is whether the shoes fits or not.  Stores selling children shoes can measure the size of your kids’ feet using appropriate equipment. Some parents make a mistake of buying their children large shoes because they are growing each day. That is not the right thing to do as your child may be uncomfortable walking and playing in oversized footwear.


You should buy footwear that has ample support for your kid’s foot, ankle as well as the leg. Shoes with a solid support are crucial because your kids are growing rapidly at this stage. If you don’t buy shoes with a good support, then you kids could develop foot and back problem later. Always take time to look at shoes and how well their support is crafted. You can also learn more about kids shoes by checking out the post at


Before choosing any pair of shoes, make sure that they are comfortable. You can ask your kids how they feel wearing different kinds of shoes when you are in a shoe store. Otherwise you should always go for shoes that are padded with soft materials on the inside. Their soles should also be flexible, so that they don’t restrict  growth and muscle development.


Breathable shoes are generally comfortable, as they allow hot humid air to escape and cool air to enter. Normally, breathable shoes are made of leather upper and linings. Never purchase shoes made from synthetic upper and linings as such footwear can cause smelly feet because of bacteria growth.


Sandals girls should have proper adjustable straps to ensure that the shoes are fitting and comfortable at all times. However, the adjustable strap should not be tightened too much as this  can restrict the growth of your kids’ feet


There is no denying that kids love art  and color. As such, you should buy colorful  shoes that excites your kids every time they put them on. Kids love to   have fun as they don’t have to contend with the day to day stresses of life.